To begin our journey we started at Poole, the RNLI Headquarters.

Here we met Charlotte Moss one of the recepionists at the RNLI College alongside the magnificent momument dedicated to all the brave voluteers who save lives at sea

Meet Glen and John (photo kindly taken by Paul) at the Chiswick lifeboat station.  One of three along the River Thames.

These two gentlemen travel down from Norfolk every week to man the Chiswick Lifeboat Station.  

Dedication or what?!!

At the Calshot Lifeboat Station Open Day we met some of the dedicated crew and their Station Manager Karen.   The lad second from the left is just 18 years old!! Remeber all the crew members are volunteers

At Falmouth George had a go at steering their lifeboat under the watchful eye of volunteer boat guide John Davies.

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